Acme withdraws Smartlock Security Seal, introduces SM2 Security Seal

Acme withdraws Smartlock Security Seal, introduces SM2 Security Seal

Acme Seals, the leading manufacturer of security seals, has announced that it will be withdrawing the Smartlock Security Seal from its range of products. The SM2 Security Seal will fully replace the Smartlock Security Seal, having been launched in 2020.

The SM2 Security Seal is a fixed-length seal manufactured from Polypropylene material. It is produced in 10pc per matt and features a strong single-point locking mechanism. An indicator protrudes through a hole in the underside of the locking head, signifying that it has been correctly locked. The seal also features a break-off point for easy removal, making it suitable for most applications.

The Smartlock Security Seal was first introduced in 2015 and has been a popular choice for customers. However, Acme has decided to withdraw the product to focus on the SM2 Security Seal. The SM2 Security Seal offers several improvements over the Smartlock Security Seal, including:

  • Stronger locking mechanism
  • Easier to use indicator
  • Suitable for a wider range of applications

Acme Seals is confident that the SM2 Security Seal will be a popular choice with customers. The seal offers a high level of security and is easy to use. It is also suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Shipping containers
  • Pallets
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Machinery
  • Vehicles

For more information on the SM2 Security Seal, please visit the Acme Seals website.

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