Meter Seals

Acme Meter Seals is one of our longest-standing products among our seals since 1884. Meter Seals commonly serve as a tamper-evident proof seal for electric, gas, taxi, and drums or valves. The seals are made from refined lead to polypropylene plastic or lead to suit different application environments.

Meter Seals – Listing

Meter Seals - Lead Seal

Lead Seal

The Round Lead Seal has two parallel holes and a knot chamber. The LS31F Seal Cross-hole Lead Seal is designed to crimp the lashed wire with the Acme Sealing tool to prevent slippage.

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Meter Seals - Sealing Wire

Sealing Wire

The Acme Sealing Wire is available in galvanized steel, copper, and stainless steel and can be supplied on plastic spools or sin-cut lengths

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Meter Seals - Sealing Tool

Sealing Tool

The Acme Sealing Tools are manufactured from cast carbon steel and chrome plated for protection. The tools are supplied with round dies, plain or corrugated, for effective crimping of all Acme Lead Seals

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Meter Seals - Crimp PCS Seal

CS2 Seals

The Crimp Seal is manufactured from high-grade polypropylene and is suitable for applications where traditional lead seals cannot be used.

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Meter Seals - Twister Seals

Twister Seal

The Twister Seal is a two-part Polycarbonate wire seal that offers an alternative to lead and plastic wire seals. It has the added advantage that it can be applied without the use of sealing tools.

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Meter Seals - YP10 Seal

YP10 Seal

The Acme YP10 Seal is manufactured from ABS resin. It was designed to replace the traditional lead seals used to seal utility meters.

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Meter Seals – Type and Basic Specification

Not sure which meter seals are the best for you? Check out our meter seals basic specification below!

Seal Type Tag Marking or Dimension Materials Application
Lead Seal – Round Plain or Company name/logo embossed or de-bossed. 99.9 % Refined Lead Gas, Water & Electric Meters, Drums, Valves, Refineries, Post Bags, Cages, Lockers.
Sealing Wire N/A Fine Lash Galvanized Steel Lead Seal’s Sealing Wire
Sealing Tool N/A Carbon Steel and Chrome Plated. Crimping Tools of all Acme Lead Seals
Crimp Seal 10 mm x 7 mm Polypropylene Gas, Water & Electric Meters, Taxi Meters, Drums, Trailers, Cages.
YP10 Seal N/A ABS Gas, Water & Electric Meters, Drums, Trailers, Cages
Twister Seal 27 mm x 13.5 mm Body and Insert – Polycarbonate Electric, Gas and Water meters, Drums, Totes, Petrol Pumps, Taxi meters, Weighting Scale