Compliance Certificates

Compliance must be supported by Certificates or Documents all of which must be issued by Independent Bodies with whom they have no links or affiliations.

It is mandatory within ISO17712:2013 that all Manufacturer and Supplier claims for ISO17712:2013 compliance must be supported by Certificates or Documents.

# Certificate/Document Source Subject
Corporate ISO 9001:2015 (or later) ISO Accredited Auditor Quality Assurance
Corporate ISO 17712:2013 Normative Independent Auditor Business Processes and Practices
Product ISO/IEC 17025 including Scope for 17712 testing Product Testing Laboratory Laboratory Processes and Practices
Product Classification test results Product Testing Laboratory Product Compliance

There are many security seal manufacturers who are claiming that they are able to offer C-TPAT Compliant Security Seals as a specific part of their marketing, promotion and sales activities.

Sorry - they cannot !

These claims are influencing Buyers who, when issuing supply tenders or request for quotations, are stipulating that they require C-TPAT compliant seals.

Sorry – there is no such thing !

And here is the reason why:-

Within the USCBP C-TPAT guidelines there is only one reference to the use of security seals and this states that:

“A high security seal must be affixed to all loaded C-TPAT importer containers bound for the U.S. All seals must meet or exceed the current PAS ISO 17712 standards for high security seals.”

You will note from the C-TPAT wording there is no such thing as a “C-TPAT compliant seal” there is only the single reference to ISO 17712 seals – check it out for yourself by visitng the following link:

The Acme Bolt seal is an ISO 17712 H compliant Bolt Seal and therefore may be used on U.S. bound C-TPAT traffic.

HMRC Bolt Seal HMRC T Seal
Download ACME HMRC Bolt Seal certificate Download ACME HMRC T-Seal certificate


The Acme Seals Test Lab report on the Bolt Seal is a digitally signed document originating from the Test Lab used. To avoid circulation and exposure to fraudulent or illegal copies of this document it is essential that interested parties download the document from this site only or as an alternative request that either Acme Seals company send a genuine copy to you via email.