Acme Seals Twister Seal

The Acme Twister Seal is a two part Polycarbonate wire seal that offers an alternative to lead and plastic wire seals but has the added advantage that it can be applied without the use of a sealing tool.

The seal is applied by hreading the wire through the two holes of the transparent and coloured pieces and by turning the insert clockwise the wire is twisted around the inner cores until it is secure at which time the handle is broken off. Used with spiral soft galvanized, stainless or nylon coated wire the transparent body and colour coded insert allow for easy visual inspection of seal integrity

Recommended applications

Electric, Gas and Water meters, Drums, Totes, Petrol

Pumps, Taxi meters, Weighing scales.



Body - Polycarbonate

Insert - Polycarbonate


Available Operating Length

Wire - 0.7mm diameter  (Standard Length 30cm)

Material - Galvanized, Stainless or Nylon coated


Reels or other cut lengths may be available on request


Tag marking dimensions

27mm x 13.5mm


Acme Twister datasheet (131kb)

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