The Top 10 Must-Have Security Seals from Acme Seals

Top 10 Must-Have Security Seals

As a professionals navigating the world of security procurement, you’re tasked with one crucial responsibility: Ensuring that your assets are secure and your supply chain’s integrity remains uncompromised. A significant part of this mission involves finding the right security seals. We’re here to make that process a breeze. At Acme Seals, we understand the importance of reliability, compliance, and convenience.

Let’s dive into our top 10 must-have security seals and how they can help enhance your operation’s safety.

1. High-Security Bolt Seals

An ISO 17712 compliant seal, our High-Security Bolt Seals are designed for high-stakes applications like shipping and intermodal transport. With a steel bolt and plastic-coated steel body, these seals offer unmatched strength and tamper-evident features.

2. Cable Seals

Cable Seals provide the flexibility and strength your business needs. Their versatile application, thanks to the adjustable length, and ISO 17712 compliance make them ideal for securing a wide range of assets, from shipping containers to warehouse storages.

3. Plastic Security Seals

Lightweight yet durable, our Plastic Security Seals are perfect for short-term applications where easy application and removal are key. While they don’t hold an ISO 17712 rating, they are compliant with ISO 9001 quality management systems, ensuring their reliability.

4. Metal Strap Seals

Metal Strap Seals are designed for robust security applications. Their hard-wearing material and the fixed length make them a top choice for securing industrial equipment and heavy-duty containers.

5. Padlock Seals

Our Padlock Seals are versatile, easy-to-use, and provide visible evidence of tampering. These seals are perfect for securing everything from duty-free trolleys at airports to utility meters.

6. E-Seals

E-Seals provide the perfect solution for digital-age security, offering real-time tamper alerts and track-and-trace capabilities. These seals integrate with IoT infrastructure to take your security strategy to the next level.

7. Twist Seals

Twist Seals, with their unique spiral-lock design, are perfect for bag sealing applications. They’re an excellent choice for courier services and cash-in-transit bags, offering easy application and reliable security.

8. Ring Seals

Ring Seals offer a perfect balance of security and convenience, with their loop-lock mechanism providing tamper evidence while being easily adjustable. They are ideal for securing luggage and product samples.

9. Wire Seals

Wire Seals are great for when you need flexible length combined with strength. Their design makes them ideal for securing utility meters, cupboards, or any enclosure with small sealing apertures.

10. Barcoded Seals

Barcoded Seals bring the power of technology to security. These seals streamline your operations, allowing easy tracking and inventory management. Their applications range from logistics to retail, providing ISO 9001 compliant reliability.

Choosing the right seal depends on your needs, your assets, and your risk management strategy. Always consider factors such as compliance, material, strength, and tamper-evident features.

Acme Seals is committed to providing top-quality, ISO-compliant security seals, offering you peace of mind. We’re proud to be a trusted partner for businesses worldwide, enhancing their security and safeguarding their operations.

Looking to secure your business with Acme Seals? Feel free to browse our comprehensive product range or request a quote today. We’re always ready to assist you in finding the perfect security seal solution. Secure your future with Acme Seals, because your peace of mind is our priority.