The Best Quick Read – ISO 17712 Certification

ISO 17712 Certification

ISO 17712 is an international standard that specifies the requirements for the classification, acceptance, and withdrawal of mechanical freight container seals. It was first published in 2010 and has been revised twice since then, most recently in 2013.

ISO logo
ISO Logo

The standard is developed and maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), a non-governmental organization that sets voluntary standards for a wide range of products and services.

History of ISO 17712 Certification

The history can be traced back to the early 2000s when the International Maritime Organization (IMO) began to develop a new standard for the classification and acceptance of mechanical freight container seals.

The IMO is a specialized agency of the United Nations that is responsible for the safety of international shipping.

A new standard, which was eventually published as ISO 17712, was developed in response to the growing need for a more reliable and secure way to seal freight containers.

The standard specifies the requirements for the design, manufacture, testing, and use of mechanical freight container seals. It also includes requirements for the quality management system of the seal manufacturer.

Why Choose an ISO 17712 Manufacturer?

ISO 17712 logo
ISO 17712 logo

There are several reasons why you should choose an ISO 17712 manufacturer for your security seals.

First, the certification demonstrates that the manufacturer’s seals meet the highest standards of quality and security. This can help you to:

  • Gain the trust of customers
  • Increase sales
  • Compete among competitors
  • Meet the requirements of government regulations

Second, it helps to ensure that the manufacturer of the seals has a robust quality management system in place. This can help to reduce the risk of defects and ensure that your seals meet your needs.

Third, compliance with government regulations, such as those that require the use of high-security container seals.

Why is ISO 17712 Certification Important?

ISO 17712 certification is important for several reasons:

  • Ensure the security of goods in transit.
  • Provides a common standard for the classification and acceptance of mechanical freight container seals.
  • Improves the efficiency of the international trade system.


By choosing an ISO 17712-certified manufacturer, businesses can instill trust in their customers, enhance sales, and gain a competitive edge in the market. Additionally, compliance with government regulations is facilitated, ensuring the secure transportation of goods and minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or tampering.