Acme Seals Bio Statement

Acme Seals will soon celebrate 140 years of business in manufacturing high quality security seals, from the very first Acme lead seal we remain at the forefront of technological change and innovative ideas.

With the introduction of Biodegradable additive to our plastic products some three years ago we demonstrate our awareness and responsibility to the environment in reducing plastic waste by accelerated biodegradation.

Our additive, which is 100% biotic, meaning elements in the environment will not trigger biodegradation and should not be confused with Oxo degradable technologies. This additive is totally abiotic or at least part, meaning they require heat, light, water and mechanical stress to chemically breakdown the plastics, which contributes to microplastics and has recently been banned in some parts of Australia.

Single use plastic products are now being banned in many countries and whilst security seals perform a completely different role in daily life, we as a manufacturer are striving to reduce plastic waste. We are currently researching Bio-based materials for future development and our latest mould design and introduction of our Gen 2 Bulldog and Griptight Seal as well as the new Pitbull Seal are the continuing green environment journey for the Acme Seals Group.

If you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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