Guide on CS-1 Cable Seal

Guide on CS-1 Cable Seal 

Securing Your Critical Connections

At Acme Seals, we understand that securing cables, hoses, and wires is a critical need across many industries. That’s why we’ve developed the ACME CS-1 Cable Seal, a sturdy and adaptable solution for all your cable locking needs. Loose cables can lead to dangerous and costly problems, and our CS-1 Cable Seal is here to prevent that.

Our Commitment to Durability and Functionality

We’ve designed the CS-1’s lock body with resilient die-cast aluminum, making it resistant to weather, chemicals, and physical impacts. The galvanized steel cable, which we’ve equipped with a welded tip, makes threading through cable bundles a breeze. Our seal’s tamper-evident design is a key feature – if the cable is cut, it unravels, preventing any possibility of re-locking and providing clear evidence of tampering.

Tailored to Meet Diverse Needs

We at Acme Seals pride ourselves on our ability to cater to a wide range of requirements. Our CS-1 Seal is available in cable diameters from 1.5mm to 5mm, perfect for everything from small wire bundles to securing large industrial hoses. We offer cable lengths from 20cm to 400cm, and for those in highly corrosive environments, we also provide stainless steel cables.

Beyond Just Cables

The versatility of our CS-1 Seal goes beyond cables. It’s perfect for sealing access panels, valves, electric meters, and more. You can even secure doors and gates by latching our sturdy CS-1 cable around bar brackets and latches. With up to 1500kg of tensile strength, our CS-1 cable seals are extremely difficult to remove without proper tools.

Traceability and Customization

Each CS-1 seal features laser-etched serial numbers for asset tracking. We offer consecutive numbering as standard and provide options for custom numbering or logos. Our range of bright color options allows for easy color coding of different seal applications.

Our Promise of Reliability and Quality

At Acme Seals, we adhere to strict quality control and are proud of our ISO 9001 and ISO 17712 certification. This ensures that each CS-1 seal you get from us meets the highest standards of reliability and performance.

In Conclusion

Contact us at Acme Seals today to learn more about how our CS-1 seals can provide robust cable security for your specific applications. With the right cable protection plan, you can reduce theft, optimize operations, and improve safety. We’re here to secure your world with peace of mind.