Acme’s Plastic B Seal Guide

Elevating Security Standards with Plastic B Seal

Addressing Your Security and Efficiency Needs

In the fast-paced world of logistics and security management, finding reliable solutions that blend efficiency with uncompromised security is crucial. Whether you’re overseeing airline cargo, managing trailer shipments, or securing cash boxes, the need for a dependable sealing solution is paramount.

Seeking Robust and User-Friendly Seals

Let’s start with a scenario with Adam, a logistics manager, who faces daily challenges in securing containers and trailers. His struggle with conventional seals that either fail under extreme conditions or lack user-friendliness highlights a critical need in the industry for more resilient and efficient sealing solutions.

A World of Unmatched Security and Ease

Envision a scenario where Adam’s shipments are consistently secure, and the seals he uses are both durable and easy to apply. This ideal situation represents not just enhanced security but also streamlined operations, improving overall efficiency and client satisfaction.

Securing Assets with Acme’s Plastic B Seal: Your Ultimate Solution

Acme’s Plastic B Seal, a special purpose pull-tight seal, is designed for robustness and ease of use. Key features include:

  1. Dual Material Design: The Acetyl insert withstands extreme temperatures, while the Polypropylene body offers flexibility.
  2. Tamper-Evident Technology: Rolled heat staking technology secures the insert to the body, providing clear evidence of tampering if forced open or cut.
  3. Ideal for Various Applications: Recommended for airlines, trailers, containers, and cash boxes, showcasing its versatility.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Polypropylene with biodegradable additives for the body; Acetyl with biodegradable additives for the insert
  • Operating Length: 24cm (overall 26.8cm) for effective application across diverse uses.
  • Tag Marking Dimensions: 20mm x 75mm, allowing for clear and easy-to-read security numbers or barcodes.
  • Ribbon Diameter: 3.9mm, ensuring a robust sealing mechanism.
  • Average Breaking Strength: 15kg, providing a strong and reliable seal.
  • Customization Options: Laser consecutively numbered, with options for customer names/logos and laser barcoding.
  • Color Options: Available in various colors, including pastel shades and standard black and white, with more colors upon request.

Packaging Details:

  • Standard Packaging: 2 seals per mat, 1000 seals per carton.
  • Carton Dimensions and Weight: 47cm x 38.5cm x 19cm, 4.84kg per carton.

Reflecting on Your Sealing Solutions

Considering your current sealing challenges, how can Acme’s Plastic B Seal transform your security and operational efficiency? What steps will you take to integrate this solution into your processes?

Embrace Enhanced Security with Acme’s Plastic B Seal

Elevate your sealing standards with Acme’s Plastic B Seal. Contact us to discover how these seals can revolutionize your security measures, offering both durability and ease of use tailored to your specific needs.