The Acme X Seal is a versatile smooth ribbon plastic pull-tight seal manufactured from Polypropylene material. The design features rolled heat staking technology to secure the metal spring insert to the body, which provides clear evidence of tampering if forced open or cut. The seal can be manufactured with a Short Tag (ST) or Long Tag (LT) in three different lengths and with a 2mm diameter ribbon making this seal ideal for most applications particularly where there are small sealing apertures.

Recommended applications

Airline in-flight duty free or Catering Trolleys, Baggage, Refineries, Fuel and Oil Tankers, Chemical Drums, ATM Dispensers, Coin Boxes, Cash Bags, Gaming Machines, Postbags, Fire doors, Lockers



Body - Polypropylene with Biodegradable additives

Insert - Spring Stainless Steel


Available Operating Length

(ST) Short Tag (30mm)

(L1) 15cm (overall 18cm)

(L2) 20cm (overall 23cm)

(L3) 30cm (overall 33cm)

(LT) Long Tag (50mm)

(L1) 15cm (overall 20cm)

(L2) 20cm (overall 25cm)

(L3) 30cm (overall 35cm)


Tag Marking Dimensions

Short Tag - 18mm x 20mm

Long Tag - 18mm x 40mm


Ribbon Diameter



Average Breaking Strength




Laser, Foil or Thermo Transfer

Consecutively numbered as standard

Optional Customer name/logo

Optional Laser or Thermo Transfer Barcoding



Foil: red, blue, green, yellow and orange, black, white.

Laser: pastel shades of pink, blue, green, yellow and peach,

also black and white.


Thermo Transfer: all of the above.


Other colours may be available on request.


Acme X Seal datasheet (143kb)

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