Acme Seals TE Document Bag

Our Acme TE Document Bags are made from co-extruded polythene with an easy to use closure seal that offers tamper evident security against ALL known methods of attack. The TE Document Bag can be either transparent or opaque and once it is sealed,  any unauthorized attempts to break the TE Document Bag'sseal will cause the "OPEN / VOID" hidden message to appear. The tape provides clear permanent evidence of tampering from attempts to open the seal with solvent, extremes of heat and cold, mechanical peeling or cutting and resealing.

Recommended Applications

Cash in transit, cheques, share certificates,

forensic evidence, confidential & legal documents,

wills, deeds and contracts.



Super strength opaque co-extruded

HDPE or clear LDPE material which are high

impact and tear resistant.


Security Level Specifications (1 = low / 3 = High)

1 - Low security features permanent closure

2 - Medium security features Tamper Evident, Cold resistant

3 - High security features Tamper Evident, Cold, Heat, Solvent, Water resistant



Sequential numbering and high resolution bar code for use in track and trace systems with a receipt and multi-lingual instructions.



A3 - 340mm x 520mm x 45mm receipt

A4 - 260mm x 340mm x 45mm receipt



Each bag can be printed in up to 3 colours. Available

colours on request.


Acme TE Document Bag datasheet (111kb)

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