Acme Seals CS1 Seal

The Acme CS1 Cable Seal is available in various cable lengths and diameters to suit all requirements. The lock body is manufactured from die-cast aluminum and the cable from non-preformed galvanized steel.   The cable has a welded tip for ease of locking and should the cable be cut it unravels making it impossible to re-lock the seal again without showing obvious signs of tampering.  The cable seal require cutters for removal.

Recommended applications

Trailers, Tankers, Rail Freight, Containers, Refineries, Warehouses  


Lock Body : Die-Cast Aluminium Cable : Non- Preformed Galvanized Steel  

Available Cable Lengths

20cm – 400cm  


Laser marking, Consecutively numbered as standard Optional customer name/logo


Acme CS1 Seal datasheet (112kb)

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