NT Label Seal.

Recommended Applications

Coin boxes, ATM cartridges, Airlines doors &
Compartments, Motor vehicle doors &, Compartments,
Food & beverage containers, First aid boxes, meters &
Valves, Metal, Plastic or Glass surfaced containers.

Application Surfaces

Metal (Polished or Chrome Plated or Painted)
Smooth and hard surfaced plastics (except PP), Glass,
Laminated surfaces.

Material Liner

White PE release paper 150g/m2


Printed Polyester after treatment thickness of 0.036mm

Application Temperature

0 to 60 degrees Celsius

Working Temperature

0 to 60 degrees Celsius
(under normal conditions the label could be stable for one


Width : 480mm
Length : 2000M (roll)

Total Thickness

0.090mm ~ 0.095mm


Consecutively numbered as standard
Optional Customer name/logo
Optional Barcoding


Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Silver, Purple, Transparent

  Download Acme NT Label Seal datasheet (90kb)

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Acme NT Label Seal


The Acme NT label is manufactured from a matt polyester face material together with an adhesive on the reverse side that is virtually Non Transferred to any applied surface either indoor or outdoor. This label is ideal when the seal needs to be periodically broken for checking and inspection of items or surfaces which are needed to be reused again and again. When this label is lifted it reveals a highly visible security message "OPEN VOID" as evidence the label seal has been opened. The label face can be written on with a normal pen and is printed with a sequential serial number. Customised company
name or logo can also be printed to further enhance security. Bar-coding is optional.