• Acme Bolt Seal
  • Acme Bulldog Seal
  • Acme Bulltip Seal
  • Acme Cable Seal
  • Acme Combilock Seal
  • Acme Crimp pcs Seal
  • Acme Encapsulated T Seal
  • Acme G-Lock
  • Acme Griptight PP Seal
  • Acme Griptight Seal
  • Acme Lead Crosshole Seal
  • Acme Lead Round Seal
  • Acme Sealing tools
  • Acme Sealing wire
  • Acme T Seal
  • Acme X Seal
  • Acme YP10 Seal
  • Acme Barcode Seal
  • Acme M Seal
  • Acme B Seal
  • Acme H Seal
  • Acme Quick Cuff
  • Acme Cable Ties
  • Acme Twister Seal
  • Acme Smartlock Seal


New Product Launch - Acme GPRS Tracking
GPS Tracker Systems are commonly used by logistics companies, fleet operators for fleet management functions such as fleet tracking, routing, despatching, on-board information and security, as well as individuals. Acme Seals is a company based in Malaysia and UK, with a focus on real-time monitoring solutions. We provide a wide range of solutions, particularly GPS Trackers for vehicles, shipping containers, assets and people. Our solutions are aimed at creating potential savings in fleet running costs, increasing productivity and improving customer service
Posted on 07 Jul 2016 by Acme Seals