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Acme Bolt Seal 17712 Re-Test Results...........(more)
Following a successful re-test at the laboratory of Dayton T Brown out of New York, USA the Acme Bolt seal retains it's status as a compliant 'H' seal according to the requirements of IS 17712:2010(E).

The latest round of bi-annual testing covered the established physical property testing and included the test for the 18mm minimum diameter on steel component parts of the Bolt seal.

Visit the Certificates section on this site to view the digitally verified Certificate of Conformance issued by Dayton T Brown.

Please note that the digitally verified protection is in place to counter any threat of circulation of fraudulent copies. Genuine copies of the Acme certificates can only be downloaded through this site or be issued from either Acme company in electronic format and by email.

Do not distribute or accept any Paper copies of this certificate unless you have been present when it was downloaded.
Posted on 21 Jul 2012 by MJC